This page is dedicated to the production side of

Neustein Entertainment. 

These are just some of Neustein Entertainment's productions. 


 Neustein Entertainment has produced and/or directed* the following:


Lion and Other Mouse Stories*

The Three Pigs, a Wolf and a Mud Pie*

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court*

Sleeping Beauty*


The Club (Pre-production)

Birthday Crashers *Manhattan Film Festival*

Kelvin Williams Project (In development)

The On-line Horror Feature Film (Working title-in development)



Trident Layers (Commercial)* To view go to

Michaels (Commercial)* To view go to

Clinique (Commercial)* To view go to

The Casey and Bella Show (In Development)

The Adventures of Amanda Simmons (In Development)

You Look Good Fit (Commercial)*

The Adventures of Super Dooper Pooper and the Day Care of Justice. (Working title-In Development) *

Short Film

Practical Joke*

The Girl Who Stood on a Grave. (Teaser)  *

Click HERE to see what gear Neustein Entertainment has at it's disposal.

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