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The Adventures of Amanda Simmons (Working Title) Theme Song Contest is open to songwriters, lyricists, music composers and anyone who thinks they are one; everywhere.

No Entry Fee is required to enter.

Each person/group may submit 1 entry.

Each entry must be no less than 30 seconds and no longer than 60 seconds.

Contestants can be of any age. Any contest winner under the age of 18 must provide the express written consent of a parent or legal guardian within 48 hours of notification.

Contestants will be eliminated for false registration, making false claims, or “cheating.”

Songs in violation of any copyright not owned by the contestant will be eliminated.

Each song submitted must be your original work.

Previously released music is okay.

All submissions become property of Neustein Entertainment, LLC.

All entries must contain the following to register:
- A copy of your song, lyrics, or tune in an electronic format.
- Accurate contact information.

Entries must be submitted as mp3 or WAV. files via email to

The contest will begin November 13, 2011 and end December 31, 2011. Winner will be chosen and notified and announced January 8, 2012.

    Entries received during the contest period may be played and/or featured on our website and other formats as a way of promoting the contest and recognizing those who submit.

    A winner will be chosen by the Adventures of Amanda Simmons production team.

    The winning submission will be featured as our theme music for The Adventures of Amanda Simmons. The winning artist will be mentioned in the closing credits of every show. No other compensation will be given.


Some thoughts to keep in mind as you decide on your submission:

  • Theme music sets the tone of a show, so we are looking for music that feels like it matches up with our style and content and establishes a unique “soundprint” that identifies us and sets us apart from other shows. We are open to all types of sounds.

  • Our theme music needs to serve several specific purposes during the intro and close of each show. At the beginning, it should grab listeners’ attention. Finally, there should be a definite end-point to mark the transition into the first main segment of our show, or to mark the end of the episode.

  • Submissions need not be polished, studio-quality recordings (although quality is appreciated). If your submission has the musical elements, style, etc. that we are looking for, we will work with you.



WGA Registration Pending.

The Adventures of Amanda Simmons

"Girls just want to have fun!"

The premise:

What happens when a seemingly regular 9 year old girl gets into and out of whacky situations with her best friend? Can her twin brother, smart mom, or misguided and confused teacher save her?

The Adventures of Amanda Simmons” takes place at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, an affluent school in the suburbs of New York City. The series opens on Amanda Simmons third day of school in the fourth grade. We see her best friend Susan quickly running up to Amanda gleefully announcing she was able to get a transfer into Amanda's homeroom.

Think Hannah Montana and ICarly.

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